Why LeaderU?

Our mission is to enable greatness in students.

Over the last 30 years, FranklinCovey has delivered over 30,000 virtual courses to 600,000 leaders, worked with 75% of Fortune 500 organizations, sold 60M copies of bestselling books, and in the process, developed millions of leaders in over 150+ countries worldwide.

FranklinCovey's LeaderU solution is uniquely designed to help your students close the gap between a valuable college degree and achieving career success.

Our experience is invaluable.

FranklinCovey is the global authority in developing leaders.

Franklin Covey Co. (NYSE: FC) is the global consulting and training leader with a vast portfolio of clients, including 80 percent of the Fortune 100, more than 75 percent of the Fortune 500, thousands of small and mid-sized businesses, as well as numerous government entities and educational institutions. FranklinCovey now has over 44 offices providing professional services in over 150 countries. FranklinCovey’s education division is one of the world’s most prominent and trusted providers of education-leadership programs and transformational processes in the world.  

Our content is powerful.

What's so different about FranklinCovey courses?

Rather than react to the latest fads or trends, our content is based on natural laws of human and organizational effectiveness that have been and will always be true. LeaderU courses are designed to inspire new mindsets, build new skillsets, and use powerful frameworks to teach Principle-Centered Leadership™. Like a compass pointing true north, principle-centered leaders are better equipped with the tools they need to face any challenge. As a result, our content is enduring and often forms the basis for best-selling books, like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, Leading at the Speed of Trust®, and The 4 Disciplines of Execution®.

Rather than focus directly on behavior and techniques that need to be improved, we start by helping students reflect on their own character and paradigms. As a result, students identify strengths, weaknesses, and the root cause for results.

LeaderU is simple and easy.

You can add course content to your LMS from a vast library of resources that includes videos, worksheets, case studies, articles, and more.

By integrating LeaderU into your existing LMS platform (like Blackboard, Brightspace, Instructure Canvas, and more), you can choose the most relevant resources to share with your students. Don't have an LMS? LeaderU can also work independently. Whether you prefer turnkey courses that are ready to go or you choose to select your own learning modules, LeaderU makes your job easy.

What's the impact?

After experiencing LeaderU, PMI students showed an increase from 27% to 51% who strongly agreed with the statement: "I feel well-equipped with interpersonal skills to start my career".

"This course addressed so many aspects of my life I am looking to change. I am at the beginning of my career and I truly believe the principles in the 7 Habits could change the course of my life."

Course Review

Course Review

Course Review

Judetta Cowden

"My course was a literal life MRI. To evaluate yourself in light of all the material, have awareness, be proactive, choose to lead, etc., translates to all facets of my life at home and at work. I am excited to put this all to better practice."

"This course addressed so many aspects of my life I am looking to change. I am at the beginning of my career and I truly believe the principles in the 7 Habits could change the course of my life."

“I have obtained two degrees via online instruction and this course is one of the best experiences I have had to date.”

Course Review

Pilar Huffman

Cameron Raterink

"The course gave me the opportunity to reflect on my own strengths/weaknesses and blind spots and gave perspective on how that impacts my effectiveness and strategies to improve and grow my skill set."

“It is incredibly refreshing to take a course that supports self-betterment in such a professional way. The quality is virtually identical to courses that I have taken as a grad student. The assignments enable me to apply new concepts that I do not ordinarily apply.”

‘The course provided me the time and structure to apply each of the habits to my life. I've loved being able to dive into the tactics and tools for living the habits and what to do to implement change. This has been immensely valuable.”

“The LeaderU certificate courses provide a variety of opportunity to develop oneself. Everything associated with the courses and certificates contributes to personal and career advancement. Having certificates like these fulfills my desire for lifelong learning."

Course Review

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