Career Skill Modules

Explore examples of learning paths designed to meet the needs of the most valuable career readiness competencies.

NACE has earned industry-wide respect for launching a Career Readiness Initiative in 2015 to create a shared understanding of competencies needed to achieve a successful career. The learning modules below are based on FranklinCovey courses and emphasize specific NACE competencies.

Understanding Others with Empathy

  • Cultivate Meaningful Connections
  • Build and Maintain Relationships
  • Improving Your Listening Skills

Collaborating to Improve Outcomes

  • Improve Your Collaboration With Others
  • Use Teamwork to Drive Results
  • Improve & Build Stronger Business Relationships


Build collaborative relationships, work within a team, and manage conflict.

Having Difficult Conversations

  • Tips on Listening First
  • How to Build Trust During Difficult Conversations
  • How to Handle Difficult Feedback Conversations
  • How to Handle Significant Changes at work (e.g. firing, layoffs, etc.)
  • Managing Conflict at Work
  • How to Handle Personal Problems of Employees
  • Having Conversations Around Racial Injustice or Bias at Work
  • Handling Work/Life Boundaries

Developing Emotional Intelligence

  • How to Examine Your Emotions, Character & Paradigms
  • Managing Yourself & Your Priorities
  • Increase Emotional Intelligence Through Social Awareness
  • Managing Your Relationships

Lead More Effective Meetings

  • Planning Meetings
  • Leading Meetings
  • Following Up On Meetings

Building High Trust as a Leader

  • Building Trust to Create High-Performing Teams
  • Increase Your Personal Credibility
  • Building, Restoring & Extending Trust
  • Set and Improve Current Goals
  • How Reputation & Collaboration Lead to Results

Collaborating to Improve Outcomes

  • How to Identify Multiplier & Diminisher Behaviors
  • Ask Better Questions on the Job
  • Identify Each Team Members Natural Genius
  • Create Space for Your Team to Contribute, Take Risks, and Excel
  • Offer Bigger and Better Challenges on Your Team
  • How to Deal with Diminishers


Leverage the strengths of others to achieve goals, and coach and develop others.

Creating Employee Engagement

  • Increase Engagement Through 1-on-1's
  • Engage Your Team Through Coaching
  • Create Engagement & Accountability on Your Team
  • Building an Engaging Team Environment
  • Engage Your Team With a Challenge

Developing Vision and Strategy for Your Team

  • Build a Vision and Strategy With Your Team
  • Motivating Your Team Members

Developing Character and Integrity

  • How to Choose a Better Response
  • Build Credibility by Improving Your Character
  • Become Extraordinary in Your Most Important Tasks
  • Establish Your Character by Improving Your Relationships
  • Set a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Organize and Prioritize Effectively with Better Time Management

  • Get Practical About How to Schedule Your Time
  • How Does Your Energy Impact How You Manage Your Time
  • Developing Healthy Email Practices


Demonstrate personal accountability and effective work habits.

Complete Projects with Quality Results

  • Build Leadership Skills to Guide Your Project
  • Understand Before You Plan
  • Managing Your Own Priorities and Working With Others
  • Follow Through On Your Plan
  • Adjusting to Changes and Closing a Project

Building Your Personal Effectiveness

  • Being Proactive on the Job
  • Setting & Achieving Goals
  • The 7 Habits Private Victory
  • The 7 Habits Pubilc Victory
  • Time Management
  • Build Effective Relationships
  • Communicating Effectively on the Job
  • Strengthen Creativity and Collaboration
  • How to Manage Your Energy

Achieving Work-Life Balance

  • Scheduling the Most Important Tasks
  • Managing Stress & Pressure
  • Counteract Burnout & Recharge Your Energy
  • Be Proactive & Set Healthy Boundaries

Career Management

Identify and articulate one's skills, strengths, and knowledge relevant to career goals.

Understanding and Addressing Unconscious Bias

  • Identify Bias
  • Broaden & Deepen Connections
  • Choose Courage and Confront Bias

Global/Intercultural Fluency

Value, respect, and learn from diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, etc.

Time Management With Technology

  • Rule Your Technology, Don't Let Your Technology Rule You
  • Managing and Working with a Virtual Team


Use digital technologies effectively. Adapt to new and emerging technologies.

Effective Written Communication

  • Business Writing Basics
  • Improve Your Email Communication
  • Overcoming Obstacles in Business Writing


Articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively in written and oral forms.

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