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LeaderU is a web-based learning portal that gives students access to a library of FranklinCovey course resources.

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By integrating LeaderU into your existing LMS system (like Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, and more), you can choose the most relevant resources to share with your students. Whether you prefer turnkey courses that are ready to go or you choose to select your own learning modules, LeaderU can support any college course.

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A life-changing first-year experience course that empowers students with timeless principles of personal effectiveness.

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LeaderU skill-based courses teach college students career readiness competencies that are most valued today.

✓ Interpersonal Dynamics✓ Building Relationships✓ Building Trust✓ Time Management✓ Project Management✓ Speaking and Writing✓ Effective Listening ✓ Customer Service✓ Change Management ✓ Difficult Conversations ✓ Effective Study Skills ✓ Managing Performance ✓ Building Culture ✓ Strategic Thinking✓ Decision Making

✓ Cultural Awareness
✓ Unconscious Bias
✓ Innovation
✓ Leadership Mindset
✓ Emotional Intelligence
✓ Collaboration
✓ Goal Achievement
✓ Networking
✓ Interview Skills
✓ Handling Feedback
✓ Execution
✓ Problem Solving
✓ Influencing Others
✓ Integrity
✓ Initiative

✓ Coaching Skills✓ Conflict Management
✓ Advanced Selling
✓ Strategic Vision
✓ Talent Management
✓ Motivation
✓ Work Ethic
✓ Accountability
✓ Work/Life Balance
✓ Dealing With Change
✓ Presenting
✓ Health/Wellness
✓ Managing Finances
✓ Time Management

NACE Competencies

✓ Career/Self-Development✓ Communication✓ Critical Thinking✓ Equity and Inclusion✓ Leadership✓ Professionalism✓ Teamwork✓ Technology

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LeaderU gives you a variety of tools and features to help students learn and retain soft skills.

✓ Jhana Articles ✓ Course Videos ✓ Insights Learning Modules ✓ Instructor-Led Lessons ✓ Learning Tools ✓ Excellerator Learning Modules

✓ Assignments✓ Bestselling Book Excerpts ✓ Sets of Practice Cards ✓ Quizzes ✓ Course Slides ✓ Study Guides

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